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    Thread: 887 Visa question

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      donna T

      887 Visa question

      I am in the process of applying for the 887 permanent visa after having spent 2 years here on our SIR495.

      Having got to the health check page, it won't let me continue until I have put all the details of our medicals in.

      Does anyone know if this has changed as my understanding was that meds may or may not be requested after the application has gone in.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated

      Many thanks

      Donna x

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      Hi Donna
      I remember getting stuck on this bit last year. You don't have to get medicals unless requested to do so (we haven't been requested as they have said not needed).
      I remember it wouldn't let us proceed any further so I called immi and there was a way around it. It was something simple like just clicking on each persons name who was included in the application - can't remember for sure :embarrassed:
      However I know a few days after I'd done it someone asked the same question on Adbrits site and I answered. They then managed to do it. Now not being too hot on finding previous posts on that site I can't find my own post! If you know how just look under my name on there (I hardly ever go on it so should be fairly quick)! The answer should be there!
      Hope this helps a little
      Good luck!!!!!!

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      I managed to find it eventually! Hey I even managed to copy and paste it
      So I've copied it. It was as follows:

      Hi Adele
      We applied for our 887 online in September and remember I had a problem here as well. I called immi who said to just put in any date. I expressed my concern but they told me it was an error with the system at present as since it has all changed over to Brisbane now for the 887 there are several errors being encountered. I went to do as they suggested and remember that when I went to do this as soon as I said yes and put in each persons name to be included on 887 for health check it accepted this without me having to put a false date etc.
      Hope this helps as they may have changed it since.
      As for the form so long as it is the general skilled for 887 it is fine.
      Good luck as the wait now begins again
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      donna T

      Thank you so much - I did as you said and it worked! Hurah!

      Many thanks much appreciated.

      As you say - here we go now with more waiting - any news on yours?

      Donna x

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      Hi Donna
      We applied on the 8th Sept '08 and got a case officer on the 23rd Feb '09 - much quicker than they said as they had quoted 10 - 12 months!
      So quite a wait still.
      Don't forget that once you have lodged your application for the 887 and it has been acknowledged you are entitled to the full medicare card for you and your family! It does make quite a bit of difference from reading the paperwork although luckily we've not needed it yet!
      Good luck and take care x

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      Good luck Donna, I hope you don't have a long wait.
      We can apply for our's on the 4th July 09.


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      Hi Donna

      Got our news so thought I would give you the timelines.

      Applied first week in September 495 to 887
      CO 23rd February
      Granted 03rd April
      They have well and truly caught up and hopefully will catch up some more so that you only have a few months to wait
      Forgot to add - no further medicals were requested but loads more info to do with OH being self - employed were - we got there in the end though!

      Good luck
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