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    Thread: We have a Case Officer

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      We have a Case Officer

      On Wednesday morning we woke to find an email from a Case Officer :D

      We are so excited, it's a funny feeling you just think this day is never going to come.

      He has asked us for our Police checks which are on their way back to us. As soon as they come (hopefully tomorrow) we will scan them in and send them off. When we looked at our document check list and everything is 'met' which is great. We are hoping that we won't need to give any more information I don't think we can face anymore forms.

      So for all you guys who are waiting be patient your day will come. If this is how I am just getting a Case Officer how am I going to feel when we get our visa.


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      Good news Amanda and Craig. It is a great feeling after all the hard work that has been put into completing application forms etc. I have often wondered if they would ever get to our file, but when you are appointed a Case Officer you know it is really happening and that things are moving forward. Good luck and hope you get your visa very soon. Our medicals were received in Sydney on 9.3.09. I am keeping fingers crossed we hear something soon.

      Alison x
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      Lisa & Kevin
      Hi Amanda

      Congratulations on getting your Case Officer :)
      It really won't be long now, you are only waiting for your Police Checks, I guess you have already had your Medicals finalised and sent off to Sydney.

      The feeling is absolutely amazing, we got our's just over 2 weeks ago and I'm still floating somewhere on a cloud. Haven't been able to focus on anything. I really need to start getting organised now time is just going to fly by now. Emotions are all over the place at the mo though.
      Have you decided once you get your Visa when you are you planning on making the BIG move?

      Let us know when you get the good news

      Lisa x
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      Congratulations, you'll be here before you know it.

      Andy & Stacey
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      Hi Lisa,

      Yes our medicals were sent off to Sydney and finalised etc, etc. We are hoping to move on 1st August (if we sell the house). Things are bound to start picking up now.

      I know what you mean about the emotions, it's just so real now that things are moving on. I think once we get the visa we will be so hyper. We were dancing around the house just getting a Case Officer. Also it was relief that he didn't ask for anything else (that's not to say he still won't).

      When are you leaving the country and have you got jobs lined up yet (now that you have your visa?)

      Take care,


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      Very exciting, remember the day myself. Then when the Visa comes wha hooooo! Good luck not long now?


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