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    Thread: Adelaide via Sydney on a 475

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      Adelaide via Sydney on a 475

      Hi all,

      Can anybody advise whether, on a 475 regional visa, you have to land at Adelaide first?

      Reason being, we have a relative in Canberra who has offered to meet us in Sydney, show us around and let us stay at her place for a few weeks to get acclimatised.

      Unsure whether we can do this as we are being sponsored by the State of SA. How does the visa work, does it state Adelaide as your only point of arrival into Australia?

      Any comments would be appreciated.

      Alison & Trev
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      Thinking out loud here.
      In law, whats to stop you going to sydney for a holiday before you went to adeliade.
      I mean, you could migrate to Adelaide via a two week stay in....Benidorm for example.

      The question of course is do you have to have the visa validated in SA which would mean your first port of call must be SA.
      I hope someone comes along who knows the answer.

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      I think if you have a plane ticket to Adelaiode on a set date you should be fine but would check with immigration first.

      PS. are you going to fly on the Airbus? Qantas do a straight flight from London to Sydney with no stops

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      You can arrive in Australia at whatever airport is best for you.

      The only condition on your visa is likely to be 8539, requiring you to live and work in a regional area of Australia.

      Best regards.
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      Send a quick E mail to the SA Immigration,they will let you know. Sure it will be fine as a lot of people don`t come staright to Adelaide.

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      We landed in Sydney on Dec 29th 2008 then flew to Adelaide on 7th Jan with no problems, your 3 year stay starts from when you arrive in Australia not Adelaide, just let immigration SA know when you arrive in SA and where you are staying.


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