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      Hi all, Can you help. I've checked UPS with our reference number and our medicals have arrived in Sydney today. When I phoned the hospital here to check if everything was okay, they said that the medials were fine and that it had all be forwarded on. Does a Dr now check them in Sydney to pass them? and if there is a problem who do they contact, us direct or our agent or would our medical examiner here have told us? or does all this mean that we have passed our medicals and I am worrying for nothing! Hope this makes sense!

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      Relax!! When we booked our medicals we were told that if any problems were found, we would be the first to be contacted. If your medicals have arrived in Sydney it means that everything was fine!


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      Thanks for the quick reply Liz, I'm sat at the computer reading all the posts and it's driving me mad. Lorna.

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      They do go through the meds more thoroughly at LCU in Sydney but if there was anything serious your panel doc should have let you know :). Ours took about a week to finalise after arriving and they then notify your CO they have been cleared.



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