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      Anyone applied for 475 when overseas??


      I've been offered teaching work overseas, but my agent has just lodged my Vetassess docs. I'm now told that I could have a complete decision in approx 6 months.

      Meanwhile I'm temping in the UK and on a month to month flat rental. Am I insane for considering taking an overseas teaching job? Do I really need to be in the UK getting paperwork done? Anyone else done it from elsewhere??

      Can't say another 6/8/9 months in the UK appeals.

      My agent told me I could bugger off travelling for all she cared, but how tricky is it gonna be to get all the evidence they require if I'm overseas??


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      I got my 475 while I was teaching in Malaysia, with no real problems. However, it has caused a few problems here with regards to Medicare, just requires more paper work!
      Not sure where your job offer is, but we were told during the visa application we could not work in Australia.


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      What were the problems with Medicare?? And how did you get your 475 medical done in Malaysia? What did it involve exactly??

      Also, was it a hassle getting all your finance details confirmed?

      I am looking at SE Asia teaching because I love the area and if Oz doesn't come off, that's where you'll find me!

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      The issue with Medicare, was that our visa was approved in Malaysia. At first was told we couldnt get medicare, so went to a different office and it seems we just had to show we were UK residents, so submitted stuff like NHS card.
      Medicals were no problem, just went to a hospital with documents, doctor asked a few questions, ticked boxes and sent papers direct to Oz. That was an easy one!
      Finance again no problem, we just had to sign a document saying how much we were taking into the country and what our backup plan was if that run out. We didnt need any bank statements or other proof, they excepted what we put.

      Its the waiting which drove me nuts. I understand the month to month rental part, I also finished my teaching contract and couldnt sign another one as they are two year contracts, so while we were waiting did home tutoring.


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