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      Gordon Clark

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      Can anyone help / give me some advice

      I have completed the online emmigration test and been told I qualify for the Adelaide area. Before we make the commitment I'm trying to find out how well me skills will fit with the job market in the said area. Doea anyone have experience of the leisure / sports development field who could give me some advice? A summary of my experience is outlined below and I have attached my CV for more detials.

      I have worked in sports development / leisure development since 1990 with experience of leisure centres, contract monitoring, managing events, club and coach development, volunteer development, workforce development, child protection, equity planning, staff coordination, working with Government departments, managing change within the public sector and national Governing Bodies of sport and developing innovative interventions with hard to reach groups.

      I believe I have the experience, knowledge and commitment to develop sport and physical activity in any environment and would welcome the opportunity to bring this experience to new environments.
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      Hi Gordon,
      I dont know much about your line of work in Adelaide Area, im sure someone will, here are a few job web sites that may help.

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      Welcome to the forum :D The links above are good ones to see what vacancies are around. Which skill are you migrating under?



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