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      Rachael S

      How much info to put in the Why Adelaide section.

      Hi there,

      I'm new to the forum, Myself husband and daughter are in the process of completeing the online State Application 475 provisional, A year after our migration agent started and messed up 1st application. Vetasses has been approved.

      We do have any agent but have not got alot of trust in them. I wanted to know how much information have people put into the 'Why Adelaide' section at he end, how much detail about areas schools jobs etc. Our daughter is only 2 yrs old and I have researched alot but have not chosen an exact Kinde for her. I don't want to have them fall asleep but not sure how much blurb they want? I feel more nervous about this than exams in College.

      Any tips would be appreciated.;)

      Many thanks, Rachael

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      Hi there.

      I said about the size of the city (not too big, roughly the same size as Belfast), different suburbs we looked at that we thought looked suitable (there is just the 2 of us). Said
      I had considered the climate in Adelaide, public transport. I tried to make mine as specific as I could to myself so I was not sitting writing a big tourist blurb and tried to make it look as if we had considered Adelaide in relation to our personal circumstances.

      And I bullet pointed a lot of it to make it quite and easy to read rather than a big essay.

      Hope this makes sense. The sponsorship is tricky as it is hard to know what they want.

      Good luck.

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      Hello Rachael,

      I've just found the form we filled in and we put that we liked the atmosphere, that it was less crowded than other Aussie cities, great location with beaches, Barossa etc. Also mentioned the other places in Oz we'd been and that Adelaide was definitely the one for us.

      Hope this helps - good luck with your Sponsorship!


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      Rachael S
      Thanks for this, I didnt want to end up writing my years of research into it.
      Fingers crossed will be okay.


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