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    Thread: SIR495 to 887 timescale and decision

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      Big congrats babes.
      Good luck on heading back to the uk.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Angela View Post
      Hi Devon
      Firstly many congratulations to you. It seems the processing time was relatively quick for you, did you apply online or paper copy. I have until Sept 09 before I have to do mine but any information is helpful, I am following Donna T's progress as I understand she has applied online recently.

      I had no idea about the Centrelinks entitlements, I would have thought having PR you would be treated as any other resident but you say you are treated as new migrants even after fulfilling 2 years on the SIR495, seems very harsh & concerns me slightly, but it is what it is, we have made it so far so it can only get easier.

      Also have I understood the post above, you now have PR but are returning to the UK? I am sorry to hear that, but also wondering why, without being nosey. I hope it does work out for you all.
      Hi Angela
      Thank you
      We applied online. We were quoted 10 - 12 months that they would take to deal with application. Luckily they caught up and so it was only six months in the end
      Yes regarding Centrelink it deffo does say that you have to wait a further two years for any benefits. I personally think that it would be worth trying as each case maybe treated differently, as it is just the two of us maybe with children it would be different? After all you will already have done some years here - we had done three and also it deffo does say that we could have applied for citizenship after twelve more months. Worth checking out in your case?

      We are heading back to the UK for various reasons. It is great here however we do come from a great part of the UK anyway and never hated it. We were starting to struggle financially after three years here. My job although working with the best of the best would never have paid the bills and nor did OH's although he was working all hours. We have basically been wiping out our savings over the three years. When we had made the decision we were then told of serious illnesses which close family members in the UK were keeping from us when they thought we were staying here. They had been hiding the fact that my mum had had two strokes, my dad had a brain tumour and my OH's sis was ill also! I was horrified that they had been hiding it from us so that we didn't feel guilty for being so far away! Can't believe that absences when phoning were disguised as hols etc. Then the biggie came - we had made the decision but were worried with the possible 28 day notice to leave OZ looming over us. Even if we did want to change our minds (which we didn't as although great it's not for us) we have gone too far now. I'm just really sad at the moment at the thought of never seeing my friends at work as have made some really close relationships with them. Although I'm boosting the UK economy as two are already making arrangements to come to the UK Also there are some great people who will hopefully be coming to visit us anyway ;)
      Good Luck with your application and your life here in SA
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      Quote Originally Posted by Martin and Val View Post
      Congratulations Devon, It's great to hear this good news mate. I know you have your reasons for returning to the UK now even though you have the PR Visa and I wish you every success for the future where ever it may take you.
      One question I must ask if you don't mind, as you are laving Australia is there a time limit on your new visa? What I'm trying to say is it for life or will they remove it if you don't return within a given time

      Good Luck

      Hi Martin
      Thank you
      It was good news as we would never have made the move within 28 days
      Thank you for your kind words I'll probably still look at the site as enjoy reading your posts and progress!
      The new visa says that we can leave and enter OZ freely with no probs until 2014 after which time we would need to apply for a re-entry visa - not sure how easy or if it would actually be possible after that time - who knows? We probably wouldn't be doing that now but it does state that though so never say never eh?;)
      Hope the new job is going well.
      Good luck to you and Val in your new life - although not so new now!

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      Quote Originally Posted by cunnah10 View Post
      Great news about your Permanent visa ..... Obviously i knew you were heading back to the UK just like i have done ....but at least you do have your permanent visa now....not sure how that will work for you in the future if you ever decide to head back to OZ ...but i'm sure you will find out all that you need to know for any possible future plans!
      Good Luck to you both on your return to the UK and don't forget we have invited ourselves down to see you in Devon once you are settled!
      Thinking of you....Gill xxxxx
      Hi there Gill
      Thank you
      Great to hear from you and hope all is well with all of you. Was great news as the pressure's off a bit now - although still booked up for May:v_SPIN: Blimey how on earth did you manage to arrange everything in the short time you did! There's not enough hours in the day and although I handed in my notice seven weeks ago - I still haven't left as they keep asking me to do more days!
      Would be fantastic to see you down in Devon - really looking forward to it
      Thinking of you all too - and promise to be in touch soon. Shipping all arranged and got a great deal in the end
      C xxxxxx

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      Quote Originally Posted by Nick11 View Post
      Big congrats babes.
      Good luck on heading back to the uk.
      Hi Nick
      Thank you
      Hope all goes well for you as well. Also great news for you as they've caught up quite a bit so yours hopefully will go through even more quickly. Nearly time to put your application in - at least they didn't find out I was underbelly 2
      Take care hun
      C x

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      Congratulations - certainly given some of this stories we'd heard about the 495 to PR status.

      Without being too nosey, I thought you could've applied for your 495 after a minimum of 2yrs - were you aware of this? This would have taken the stress away of that bidging visa expiring?

      All the best for the future

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      Also, I forgot to ask - when you apply, I understand you have to supply proof of living in SA by things such as payslips/bills/school records etc - what else do you need to do/provide? Also, do you have to have another medical?

      Sorry for all the questions.


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      Quote Originally Posted by wemadeit View Post
      Also, I forgot to ask - when you apply, I understand you have to supply proof of living in SA by things such as payslips/bills/school records etc - what else do you need to do/provide? Also, do you have to have another medical?

      Sorry for all the questions.

      Hi there
      Thank you
      Yes we were aware however applied at the two and a half year stage due to me having to go offshore to change part of original visa so that I was allowed to work - by the time we paid for that and they allowed me to work it was six months later - hence why it was longer than two years before we applied for original 887 - also this gave me three months back in the UK and made me realise that although I thought it was ok here, I really missed everything about the UK and had forgotten how beautiful it was. Albeit I wasn't working back there either so had time for the beach everyday :v_SPIN:
      Basically just provide everything you can - all receipts to do with rental/purchase of property, utility bills from the beginning middle and end of the two years. Payslips and contracts for work and if self-employed BAS statements will probably be requested - this was the only thing that we hadn't sent that they requested.
      No further medicals were requested - I don't think that they always ask for another medical - although I had had to have a another medical when back in the UK last year for that change to original visa.
      Good luck with your new life here

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      Thanks for the info..............It seems this whole adventure hasn't been the smoothest for you so I hope your trip back and life in the uK is good for you. Also, best wishes for your family - hope all is ok.

      We are loving Adelaide, but unfortunately work is so difficult to get - and as this 495 visa is so criteria driven - we are on the verge of leaving. We got PR status for Canada at the same time (long story...) and are now thinking that it would be easier to go there as PR status is complete - we just need to live there for 2yrs to gain citizenship. Either way, thanks for your advice and I hope goes well with you.

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      [/quote]Good Luck with your application and your life here in SA[/quote]

      Thank you Devon, good luck yourselves, take care x
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