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      Getting a job on a 475

      Being only a provisional visa, does it make it harder to get a job on a 475. When times are harder as they are at the moment, does only being on a provisional visa make it even harder to get any job. Im not after a specific type of job, with a minimum salary or anything like that and am fairly open minded as to what to do (anythings got to be better than what i do at the moment) and thats the beauty of the 475 as it dosent specify what job you do, but will it make getting any job that much harder?

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      I am on a different visa but I think everyone is finding it difficult to get work at the minute. I have a cousin who has recently came over to Perth (I am not sure which visa he is on but I know its not a PR 175) and he cannot get work and its looking like he will have no choice but to go back home. I have listened to other people posting saying its not all that bad here yet but I feel that things are tough here. Any jobs I have been looking at going for state 'must have residancy'. My husband is lucky to have work - he got work straight away as a chef which is a skill in demand here - and I really think that anyone who is employed will feel lucky to have a job. I mean I hate to sound doom and gloom cause thats not like me but I feel that we are in a recession and things are difficult and if you have a job then you SHOULD feel lucky. I mean in the past week I know of 2 people who have been let go from their jobs. There is still employment opportunities, of course, however my answer to your question is YES I think you will find it difficult to get employed.

      Good luck :)


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