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      The Dimmocks

      Anyone from The West Midlands going on a 176 visa....

      Just wondering if anyone from the Midlands is going through the same visa process we are at the minute. Just doing our research for the state sponsored form. Got to put down max of 1000 words of why we want to move to Adelaide. Can think of lots but it narrowing down to what they after. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Or anyone just want to chat or even meet would be great.

      It all good fun this visa process!!!! So many ups and downs.

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      The Dimmock Family
      Hi "The Dimmocks"

      We are The Dimmock family and have been living in SA for almost three and a half years now, we are also from the west midlands (this is starting to get weird) near Stourbridge so where are you from ? and if we can help with anything let us know!!!
      Dean Angie and Alyce

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      The Dimmock Family
      Hi michelle,

      I am an Occupational Therapist and the wife works for bank SA, daughter Alyce 17 in year 12. We live in McLaren Vale 40-50k south of Adelaide suits us though having left the black country peace and quiet and 5 mins from the beach (check it out on google earth) , Let us know if you need a rental and fancy trying Mclaren Vale as our friend( who we rented from) may have his rental available, any other question or help needed just let us know!!!

      Dean Angela and Alyce

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      The Dimmocks
      Where abouts in the Black Country did you live before? Will have a look at Mclaren Vale. Will definately have more questions along the way I am sure and thanks very much for your offer of help, it is greatly appreciated.

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      Donna Smith
      Hi Dimmock family, we are from the west midlands (Birmingham). We've been here for just over 2yrs now. We are living in Gawler a small coutry town (getting bigger by the minute) just like back home they are building on every bit of space they can find. I think all visa applications are all the same. We have just finished our student visa, on a bridging visa now just waiting for our PR to come through. How long that takes god only knows. They don't rush themselves out here. Hope all goes well. Donna

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      The Dimmocks
      Hi Donna. We knew the visa process was going to take a long time but nothing prepares you for the ups and downs of it all. Trying not to get to excited as it will happen when it happens. We started the process on a 175. Had got to the final stage of process regards visa app. Hubby done Vetassess practical in February. Within days of sending signed forms to agents and putting money in bank to pay for visa the changes happened to the skill list. Agents advised best to go for a 176 state sponsored as hubby's skill still on Adelaide list. It all complicated stuff and so glad we paid the agent fees to sort it all out for us. We got three small kids so looking for somewhere that is family friendly (by the sounds of it though most places in Adelaide are). Hope to have the final forms to apply for state sponsorship completed soon so should be able to send them off, got to approach employers to see if they would employee hubby. What do you do?


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