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    Thread: Baggage allowance Singapore air

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      Baggage allowance Singapore air

      Hi All
      We are flying on the 29th April, and booked with Singapore air. I was under the impression that we were only allowed 20kg each. So I phoned their customer support (very helpful) and was told we were allowed 40kg. Here is a extract from the confirmation email I requested.
      "With regards to your concern, please be advised that you do not require any confirmation or authorization as long as you are holding an Unused Migrant Visa which is not stamped and states that it is valid for an Indefinite stay in Australia.
      You need to produce your visa at the airport upon check-in for further confirmation. If you hold correct visa, you are entitled to carry 40 Kilos as your checked baggage allowance.
      Please be aware that infants, passengers holding an Australian Citizenship, Spouse or Provisional Visa are not eligible for any waiver on their baggage allowance. "

      Price wise they are not the cheapest, but far from the dearest, and you get the use of a swimming pool at chennai airport, and a chance to fly the A380 super jumbo (which we are). The flight is also nicely split up into a 12hr and a 8hr flight!.

      Hope this helps, I found it to be a bit of a minefield booking flights.
      Regards everyone........see ya soon
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      We fly with Spore Airlines too!! Heard great things about them x


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