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      475 Visa to 176 visa?


      Hope your well.
      I just wanted to know if this was true.
      I was told that if i got granted the SA state sponsorship for skill shortages for there 475 Visa, that when i went to apply for the DIAC application i could change it and apply for a 176 visa?
      Is this true?

      Hope i am making sense?

      Thank you

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      Dave & Carole
      I doubt it. We've just had a ngihtmare because our agent had got our 475 sponsorship with SA, but accidentally applied for a 176 when the visa application was lodged! We've had a very stressful couple of weeks trying to find somewhere we can get sponsorship from to support our 176 - otherwise we'll have to start all over again.

      The only exception to this is; if your job is on the "wanted" list for both 475 visas and 176 - as there are two speararte lists. I don't know how many jobs are on both - but my husbands certainly wan't. At the moment we are waiting for sponsoship from Victoria - then we'll take it from there.

      Goos luck -you never know you maybe one of the lucky ones.



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