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      Visa questions and timescales.

      Hi there, just discovered this forum and it looks really helpful and friendly. I hope that someone will be able to give me a quick bit of advice.

      My husband is going to Adelaide (from UK) in a few weeks for face to face meeting with potential employers in Royal Adelaide Hospital. Assuming all goes well and they want to proceed how long would it take roughly to get visas in place for us both and our 3 children? He has spoken to the Australian High Commission who just said that the hospital would do all the paperwork, does anyone know how they go about it?

      We adore Adelaide and are desperate to start living the dream! Thanks for help.

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      I'm not much help, I'm afraid, but I did hear that it takes about 3 months... I just wanted to wish you all the best with your plans though, and wish your husband all the best with his meeting at the hospital!!


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      12 weeks sponsored, is about the fastest i reckon.


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