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      Education costs of children

      I am supposed to be applying for Student Visa 572 to study at the TAFE in Adelaide.
      As I will be going with husband and 17 year old son-I have to enroll him in a school before I am allowed to apply for my student visa or so the application form says.
      I looked for a state school-Banksia Park and they referred me to the International Student website.
      I found that the fees for my son will $4500 plus $800 adminstration fee each year.
      On top of that will be the fees charged by the school-I looked on the Banksia web
      site and was unable to find the fees listed.
      I looked around on the web and found some school fees which were $1000 per subject!
      I nearly had a heart attack!
      Please could someone advise me what the fees are? If they are $1000 per subject-there is no way we could afford to go.

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      TC for short
      Hello Meadows.

      The following is taken from my reply to another thread, "school fees". I think the $4500 quoted will be for part of a year only - the fees are set at state level and are reduced pro rata as the year progresses. Don't forget that the academic year here starts late Jan/early Feb. I think it's almost certain that you would have to pay the $10 500, reduced in accordance with the precise date that your son starts school. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but forewarned is forearmed & all that.


      Right. School fees are incurred subject to the type of visa you are on. Some visas incur fees & some don't. If your child is classed as an International Student you WILL have to pay for them to attend a state school. The fees for South Australia for 2009 are as follows:

      Primary School - $8000 per child per year.
      High School -
      Yr 8-10 - $9500 per child per year
      Yr 10-12 - $10500 per child per year.

      Further information can be found here

      These fees are not to be confused with the Materiels & Books fees levied by individual schools which as the name suggests go towards buying pens, glue, pencil cases etc and are decided by each school. These are currently $200-$300 per child per year.
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      Hello there

      Thank you for your reply. I had an e-mail from the International Student section and they told me that as I would be on a 572 visa the yearly fee would only be $4500 plus $800 Admin fees.
      That is a little better than I was dreading.

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      What is he doing when he leaves school? You might want check out UNI charges.


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