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      Am I too old?????????

      Hi all.
      I am new to this site, my name is Steve and my family and I wish to migrate to Adelaide.
      I am 47, my wife is 45 and we have a 12 year old son. I know I am too old to enter via a general skilled migrants visa, but have I left it to late to migrate to Oz.
      I am a very well qualified NDT engineer with 16 years experience in the shipbuilding and repair industry.
      Can anybody give me any pointers as we are are desperate to come and live down under. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
      :) Thanks Steve and family

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      I definately don't feel that you are too old to immigrate, the only advice that I would give to you is to try to obtain work for one of you at least before you do come, I moved back here at about the same age and did find it difficult to find work because of my age. Bought myself a job.

      I am considering relocating to Central America at the moment and have lived overseas in many different countries so obviously I don't have issues with immigrating at the age of 47.

      I'm sure you will love it here.

      All the best.

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      You'd be best off speaking to a migration agent as for most visa types you are probably too old - if you can find a company to sponsor you though you may be in luck. Speak to an agent, find out your options - most will give a free first session
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      It depends on your qualification level!
      I move here last Dec. and was 48! If your skill is on the skills list, you can prove collage study time as well as on site time and you can get a company to sponser you it's easier than the normal way!
      You need proof of everything and the classroom time is vital!
      If you need any more info drop me a line!

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      Hi there, are you definately set on Australia, because if you're flexible, I believe the age limit for New zealand is 50, so you wouldn't have a problem emigrating over there, plus I may be wrong about this, but I think once you have been in NZ for a certain no of years you can move to Aus anyway. I would definately ask an agent though as they would know more about it. Hope this helps. Good luck whatever you do.


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      Too old to move??????

      We are having our first meeting with an agent in a couple of weeks.
      I am 42 and my husband is 44 and we are going for skilled state sponsorship visa.
      I hope we will be ok?
      We can't wait and are going for it anyway and I think you'll be ok, if you want it bad enough, you'll get there.:D

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      Try to call Ian Harrop he and his wife are immigration specialists based in Britain, not sure what their company is called but I have seen his name posted on this site by others, and I can personally vouch for him, you wouldn't find a more honest and decent guy, they were posted overseas with myself and husband with the embassy several years ago, you should seek some professional advice I think, because for me personally to sort out a green card the time frame was huge nearly 8 years in the end, which would really be dragging it out. I know that was for the US, but even still immigration issues can be lengthy and if you are very close to the age limit, you need to know the best and fastest way to get it sorted.

      Maybe if anyone else on the thread has used Ian they can vouch for him, but I know I have seen his name on this site, and it has only been used very positively.

      All the best, hope we do get to see you over here.

      Sandra D

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      That's who we are going to see on 1st May.
      A guy my husband used to work with put his name forward, as he helped them to get over and has highly recommended him, which is good.
      Did you have a long wait?
      How old were you when you applied?
      My hubby has an MBA in business and other qualifications and I currently work in education. Unfortunatley I gave up my degree when we relocated to Essex about 20 months ago.

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      Thanks from Steve

      Thanks to all you guys who replied. If anyone knows how I could contact Ian Harrop and his wife it would be very much appreciated. We are looking to get the ball rolling asap.
      Cheers for now Steve and family.:D

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      Hi Steve, if you go on the web site...just put in Ian Harrop Ass and you'll be directed.
      He's really nice and we will be ther with him on 1st May. Was supposed to go next week but due to work committments, we had to re-arrange.
      Have you tole any of your family yet?
      We haven't the kids are on Top Secret Alert until we have a confirmation of visa, just in case.
      Let me knwo how you get on.


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