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      Smile Adelaide v Perth - comparisons

      We are looking at two areas to live in in Australia, Adelaide or Perth. We have been to Perth once and found it lovely but hot (this was in October!), also pretty spread out; the houses were also quite expensive. We have not been to Adelaide but hear it is lovely and very much "self contained" with lots to do and easy to get to. Most of the population of SA seems to live in Adelaide. Just wondered how people would compare the two areas, things like jobs, safety, crime, transport links, housing prices etc. My husband is a teacher (HOD) and WA salaries are the highest in Aus at present, which is an incentive. I will be going back to university to do a degree. We have two boys 10 and 12, one who is crazy about cricket. Thanks.

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      We have never lived in Perth, but have stayed with some Aussie friends a nunber of times.
      Temperature wise, Adelaide may well be hotter than Perth, but as in all of Australia all cities seem to have very hot spells, but these usually only last for a few days at most, before things return to normal in the Summer of about 30-35 degrees.

      In our view, we prefer Adelaide as an area, as it is a much smaller city. Perth seems quite spread out, and in many areas they seem to be over populated, as houses are being built 2 to a plot. The building in Adelaide is going a bit the same way in some areas, but this does make homes more affordable.

      Both cities are fairly close to the Beach, but we prefer Adelaide CBD to Perth, as it seems more compact and interesting.

      Hope this helps.

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      Adelaide v Perth - comparisons

      Thanks, it does help. I was wondering about general crime in Adeliade. We are British people living in New Zealand at present looking to move to Australia. We want to "explore" another country and the best way to do it is to live and work there. The crime rate is very low where we live and very safe, so that is a big bonus (unlike London where were came from). We do not live in the cities here so it is safe for the kids to go walking on their own in the streets or on their bikes with no fear of anything at all but in saying that it can be too quiet and not enough opportunities for the kids. We would like to live in a good suburb of Adelaide with access to the city and there seems to be a lot of good suburbs. Thanks again. (I am new to Poms in Adelaide)

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      The Pottertons
      Hi Caroline- welcome to PIA. We are in the process of getting visas at the moment and although we havent been to Perth, Adelaide seemed as you have heard it to be- quite compact yet with a feeling of space! Very beautiful and welcoming! Good Luck, Yvonne xx


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