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      MP reply to immigration issues

      I have finally received a letter from Senator Chris Evans via Don Farrell, and I have scanned the 2 pages of the letter and attached them to this post.
      The letter contains details of some useful websites for further information, but overall, I don't think there are going to be any major changes in a hurry. I was disappointed that nothing was mentioned about the job agencies. As Libby says, they are probably a good lot - but I do think that they should at least show courtesy and contact people from time to time.
      I also received a letter from Julie Bishop regarding the spouse visa and international fees, but that too will remain the same; until we have PR, we will have to pay the extortionate fees. She did say that this issue will be put forward at the next meeting, so who knows, maybe others will benefit in the future. I hope the information is helpful to some of you at some point.
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      Hi Cazzie,

      Many thanks for posting this - although interesting reading, it is a rather 'negative' response to your questions!! It seems the overall issues remain the same - the govt have no/little say over the recruitment agencies and their effectiveness in finding people work - which is by and large - RUBBISH!! The country is still beautiful and Adelaide is a place I would like to remain, yet I have many more reservations about our long term opportunities.

      Also, regarding trades, I know many POMS in trades who have not been made aware of this 'initiative' to have their skills recognised prior to arriving, and they have had to attend timely and costly courses to get accreditation on their skills which fit way below there real abilities - it is very odd??

      That said, I am more concerned about the cases detailed on this website about PR visa's being declined after the provisional aspects of there visa's being met - so I am going to write for clarity on this issue.

      Thanks for all your efforts with this.



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      Again Cazzie I thank you for trying to help us all, things will never change over night but as you've said maybe in future some other immigrants will reap the benefit of your hard work


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