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      Migration/Travel Insurance

      Hey all..

      Here with another question....

      We are looking at taking insurance out for our trip over. Not sure if there are several different companies or what but heard good hings about GO WALKABOUT.
      We are doing a 3 day stay in Singapore on our way over and i guess this is probably my main concern..id bags go amiss...flights are delayed/cancelled etc etc....

      Any advice on travle/migration insurance??? Is it essential?? whos the cheapest/best?


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      TC for short
      You've pretty much answered your own question. Add to it "what if I trip & break a leg" etc. & the 3 days turns into 6 weeks.

      When we came out here (initially to Melbourne) we transited SYD. Had to clear immigration & customs with all our bags. We checked 5 suitcases in. Guess how many arrived in MEL?

      That's right - none! Not a single one!

      Fortunately they turned up later the same day, however... !


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      We used this company and they were the best price and included the most benefits when we were looking into it. We were very fortunate and didn't need to make a claim but it's always reassuring to know that it's covered, 'just in case'.


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