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      SA nominating occupation...Pls help?

      Hi Im in UK. My qualification is HND in Business Studies (diploma)but been working as technical support officer (1st and 2nd level support) for last 3 years.
      My present job is on the main DIAC list as Computing Support Technician 3294-11, but not on the SA state sponsored one(nor any other state).
      I understand i can nominate some other occupation off the SA list and with appropriate research and reasoning put forward, i have a chance of being accepted....in a similar occupation? I'm at a loss as which to select!!
      I also have an aunt to sponsor me (not that it wil give any points if i do state sponsored application)
      Please could anyone guide me? Im so desperate to not have another winter in UK!!

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      I can't help personally, but I'm sure an agent may be able to offer free advice. GoMatilda.com is usually a good one for doing that.

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      Call an agent and ask advice, they will give you a free inital chat, I was confused about my nominated occupation too as my degree was in Marketing but I am now a Community Worker. They should probably be able to suggest an option for you.

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      Try calling this guy, can recommend him lived with him in India where he worked for the Australian Immigration Service, great guy very honest and will be able to help.


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      Hi folks, thanks for quick repsonse, i have already contacted an agent who suggested i could choose from a number of occupations, eg Primary Products Inspector
      Im confused as to how this conforms with my present work experience in IT, or does it not matter?
      I see no licensing or registration is needed, possibly some training required.
      Other occupations which i've looked at seem to require study in those fields, surely that would mean i have to apply for a student visa?

      Most other occupations seem to require a degree of sorts, i have only a diploma.


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      Hi Mack,

      You might want to drop an email to Peter at ptlabs@gmail.com He specialises in I.T. and knows a lot about the Australian Computer Society which is where all the I.T. assessments are done.

      He made the difference for me. Well worth putting your case to him, and also his fees are very reasonable if you decide to use him.



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