Hi.. i Have already posted this thread but thought it may have bin the wrong place...
So i'm re-posting it hera ... (my 1st time) sorry.

I have a few questions about moving to oz that I would be grateful of other peopleís answers, opinions and information.
Iíve looked around the internet but would like to hear from real people.

Me and my partner are thinking of moving to oz. I would love to move tomorrow but no luck. Maybe in the next year or so.?
He is the skilled worker, and would hopefully get a job as a chef. IV sin a few different sites offering jobs for chefs? So Iím I safe to assume there is plenty of work?

(And does anyone know the Yearly wage?)

Visa.... we would like for a sponsor work visa. Or are they for more for in demand jobs? Like docs nurse??
What would be the best visa for us?

And to double check, would I and our child apply for sepret visa or all go on one?

I havenít quite chosen and aria yet but have looked at ADELAIDE Australia and Perth.
Iím not sure why but I would like to live in either. (Are they expensive?)

We also have a small child who is not yet in school. So thatís another thing.. Schools? Anyone living in these arias would recommend schools?
I have read the oz gov page on schools. But to have a parentsí view would be great.

My other question is cost of living; I read one thing saying itís cheaper. Then Iíll read another saying its same or worse then UK?

And housing? If we move out are we able to buy out rite or get a mortgage? Or do we have to rent? And is it expensive.. I did look at the realaste page..
Renting seems prity pricey!?

Again Iím sorry if I posted in the wrong place. But would appreciate the any information thanks

Lilmis n co x