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      I like the sound of the 176's being processed quicker, it getting scary now though as it seemed like ages away and now it getting closer, this time next year, maybe we be there or at least on our way. You fly on 20th, how exciting, bet you can't wait. We got 3 kids a 3 year old and two 1 year olds. We asked in both the Abbey (which we got all our savings in 4 accounts, quite a substantial amount, which we will surely see disappear over the next year!!!) and the natwest where we have mortgage and both said no, couldn't believe it. I said you only got to witness signature not sign your life away. My hubby wanted to change banks there and then lol.

      We had the same issues with Abbey refusing to sign the declaration even though we have a mortgage & 3 bank accounts with them. I was ready for closing all the accounts. In the end Nationwide signed the form, just took my bank card in (only use the account for holidays as they don't charge for withdrawals) and passport & they were happy to sign - didn't have to prove any funds. Barclays said they would have signed it if I had held a current account there.

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      Quote Originally Posted by brandyslad View Post
      How crap. I never paid for any signatures during the whole process. I got a teacher to witness and sign photos for our police cert, I got a solicitor to do our Vetassess as I was in paying a bill and asked them then, I missed one doc and got the post office to sign it. Then for the visa I needed stat decs to prove our de facto and I got them to type them in black and sign them in blue and then scanned them in.

      Talk about hands full - a 3 yr old and two 1 yr olds!!!

      We are looking forward to it, there is a lot of stuff to sort out but we are not doing too badly. Just need to get house let and that is the final thing.
      We definately got our hands full, kids are great though, have their moments, but what kids don't. Getting financial declaration signed on Friday so can send off and then hopefully be all systems go again.


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