I need to get Professional Indemnity Insurance, preferably for 3 months only, covering up to 1-2 million dollars, in order to be a contractor for that period with my former (and hopefully future) employer.
I know there are a few finance people on here, and I wonder if any of you would be able to arrange this for me reasonably quickly, or point me in the direction of someone reasonably cheap.
I fill the role of IT Manager for a small University Research Institute of about 60 people, I am the only IT person, so I cover a wide range of duties - purchasing, installing and maintaining hardware, operating systems and software, providing end-user support, web design, programming and a lot more. I am on site most days and working remotely from home on other days.
I really only need it in order to circumvent an administrative technicality, so want to spend the minimum!
Would I aslo need public liability insurance?
Thanks in advance,