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    Thread: tax credits??

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      tax credits??

      Hi does any one know if you can claim tax credit or family allowance like you can in the uk if you have a permanant visa?

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      The Dimmocks

      Centre Link are the people who deal with all benefits and stuff so you should be able to find what you looking for through the above link. We not over there yet so can't help much, sure someone will be able to give a bit for input.

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      Lauren & Alan


      Quote Originally Posted by clare View Post
      Hi does any one know if you can claim tax credit or family allowance like you can in the uk if you have a permanant visa?
      I think you are only entitled to claim anything once you have been there for over 2 years???

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      You can claim family tax benefit straight away,but this is based on your income.Unemployment benefit can only be claimed after two years.

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      through the centerlink website you should be able to see what your entitled to , you can use this calculator https://secure.centrelink.gov.au/Rat...mbinedStart.do

      you may be entitled to dependant on earnings

      Family assistance
      Childcare benefit (which reduces the cost of your childcare)
      Childcare tax benefit (any childcare fees you pay you automatically get back every 12 weeks even if your not entitled to family assistance, but PR visas only)
      Rental assistance

      Depending on earnings you may also be entitled to a healthcare consession card which reduces the cost of dr and prescription fees.

      For example as a single parent i can claim the above but i cannot claim any centerlink benefits such as the single parent payment as i havent been here for 2 years, hope this makes sense.:)
      clare 39 clinical nurse educator, Rn/mhn, Alex 7

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      If your PR, you can claim parenting payment and familt tax benifit (A & B) - noting that FTB is means tested.
      If you've not claiming for part or all of a tax year, you can get a "reconsiliation" at the end of the tax year as part of your tax refund (or to offset against your tax bill ;))
      A good accountant will direct you here, or talk to centrelink

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      tax credits

      Hi didnt mean that as it sounded just looked back ova it it sounds like were spongers not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! both work full time and are hardworking not comin ova to adelaide 4 easy life! thanks for responses;);)


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