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      Medicare Levy Surcharge

      I'm sure other people know a lot more than me about this one, but as I understand it "high earners" (being Aus$50,000+ pa per person) (or 20,000pounds+ pa per person) have to pay the 1.5% medicare charge plus a further 1% medicare surcharge on all income, unless they take out private Hospital cover.

      That extra 1% surcharge is on ALL INCOME (not just salary, so includes savings interest, etc). So it may well be worth taking out the private hospital cover just for the sake of not paying the extra 1% surcharge (which is what the Government is trying to encourage).

      The cover must be Hospital Cover to qualify. It starts at around Aus$550 pa for a single person, and rises depending on your situation and the amount of cover you want. Ambulance cover is automatically included - which is a big bonus.

      I took out Hospital cover straight away, otherwise the 1% surcharge applies and is deducted until you do.

      Another interesting point, everyone has to pay the basic 1.5% Medicare fee, even if they are not entitled to claim Medicare! In the latter case though, there is a form you can fill out at the end of the year to claim back any payments made, provided you are not entitled to claim.

      If you have a permanent resident visa go straight to Medicare in Curry Street and get registered. You'll be sent a card which you show to your doctor to avoid certain paying fees - just like having a DHSS card.

      Maybe this thread should be shown under the health thread too?

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      There is a lot of info on the levy here - http://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/co....htm&page=6&H6

      If you are single the levy applies over $50k pa, if family member the rate changes so worth checking the above link out to see if any of this applies to you



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