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    Thread: Stamp Duty.

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      the terry's

      Question Stamp Duty.

      Hi guys, feeling a bit dense tonight, trying to find out what stamp duty is payable on SA homes, you know the levels etc upto $$$ is 1% etc etc etc. Trying to work a few figures out.

      Also, when you have a new home built apart from building costs, land cost and the proverbial stamp duty is there anything else to pay??



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      Have a look here Helen: http://www.rams.com.au/default.asp?p...uty+calculator

      And when you do decide to buy. Give me a call ;)
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      the terry's
      Hi Howard, thanks for that and will indeed look you up. Have I got this right that we would get $4,000 plus $7,000 = $11,000 (as currently laid out) or am I misreading it.



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      For properties with a market value up to $400,000 you would receive $14,500 currently. This represents:
      $7,000 usual Federal Grant (no sign of this discontinuing)
      $3,500 additional "Boost" Grant (introduced by the Federal Government to combat the GFC), and ceases from 1st Jan 2010.
      $4,000 SA Govt "Bonus" Grant (this phases out at a rate of $8 per $100 in excess of $400,000 market value, no sign of this discontinuing).

      Market value for established dwellings is normally the contract price.
      If building, it's the sum of the building contract + land value at the time the building contract is made.

      So far as other costs are concerned:
      - finishing expenses not included in the contract. Can range from carpets, curtains, concrete driveways/paths, landscaping etc.
      - the cost of your living accomodation whilst building, i.e. rent.
      - you pay interest on any loan required to build the property, normally structured on an interest only basis payable monthly on the balance owing.


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