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      hi and thanks to all who posted info on this page, it has been a great help deciding which back to go with once in adelaide. i was thinking of westpac but now im split between westpac and commonwealth??

      now more questions have come to mind,
      do i have to go to london to open a account with the commonwealth bank or is there another way and also where is there branch in london?
      i wont need a mortgage right away but maybe after 6 months it is good to know they are a good option for one.

      i also heard westpac will send you your vias/mastercard cards while still in the uk and then you activate them when you arrive in adelaide,is this a similar thing with the commonwealth bank?

      thanks everyone
      Hi Paul,

      Give them a call and they will talk you through it, you will not need to go to London to open an account

      United Kingdom
      Commonwealth Bank of Australia Branch Office
      Senator House
      85 Queen Victoria Street
      London EC4V 4HA
      Telephone: (44 20) 7710 3999
      Facsimile: (44 20) 7710 3939
      Regional General Manager Europe & North America: Paul Orchart

      Good luck


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      I wouldnt touch the yellow bank beginning with C with a 40 foot barge pole, the women in the city couldnt organise a p up in a brewery!!! Lost my money, the only way I could get it back was at tax return time, due to her imcompetence! Closed the account after that mistake, it was the 4th one they had made in as many months!!!

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      Both Westpac and Commenwealth have migrant banking websites with info and can apply online -

      Commonwealth - http://www.migrantbanking.co.uk/moving_to_australia/
      Westpac - http://www.westpac.com.au/internet/p...g+to+Australia


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      I guess there are good and bad in both, we looked on BE also for threads on banks and kind of looked at the majority of opinions, the ones you can open over the internet appear to be limited, so that narrowed down choice. So far (fingers crossed) our dealings with staff have been excellent (at 3 different branches) and their charges seem reasonable.

      Go with whatever you feel happy with, you can always change once you arrive if you are unhappy.

      One thing to note, our kids had a reasonable bank balance due to money given when they were born etc. I made the decision to shut the UK accounts which pay good, tax free interest, only to find here, kids accounts aren't really like that, they pay very little interest, you are likely to be better off opening them a regular account like ANZ V2plus (only using that as an example as they are our bank at present) to get higher interest. ;)

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      Last weekend at an emigration show nab (National bank of Australia) gave us info about their migrant services. An account can be opened up to twelve months in advance of move with no deposit. Funds can be transferred to nab from either Yorkshire Bank or Clydesdale Bank so the money is under FSA conditions at all times. The nab account is an interest paying savings account with instant access and once arrived more accounts can be opened. The transfer is supposed to be cheaper than other banks but not as cost effective as HIFX. However seems safer and less hassle afterall most towns and cities have Yorkshire and or Clydesdale branches. The other advantage is having a longer banking history once arrived. Thats what the man said. I haven't read all the small print yet. May be of interest. What experiances of nab does anyone have.



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