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      recommended banks

      HI all
      can any body recommend a bank in adelaide to bank with, i have heard about WESTPAC linking up with HIFX and what benifits that has and i am interested in them at the mo,
      but i would like to hear from other people with their opinions of other banks please.
      many thanks

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      Hi Paul
      We used the link up between HIFX and Westpac to sort our banking. The account was set up quickly and have had no problems with them this end - even on first name terms with our bank manager who is a scouser and very friendly We even had internet banking sorted from UK so we could see our transfers had arrived ok in OZ which was great for peace of mind.

      Do know of a few friends that used commenwealth with no problems too.


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      ANZ been good so far, opened from UK with little drama, was able to open additional savings account in order to get interest, easy to sort once arrived, appears reasonable fees.

      Based on experience so far would recommend them

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      Certainly WOULD NOT recommend ANZ! We opened a Bank Account with them whilst we were here on our reckie the beginning of last year, with no problems. Then 3 months later we emigrated out here and went to them after 4 weeks of renting asking about mortgages and they did not want to know, wouldnt even talk to us about them until hubbie had been in his job more than 3 months!

      So we went to THE COMMONWEALTH BANK via a Broker and a week 3 days later we had a Mortgage Offer. Plus the fees on the new Bank accounts and the Credit Card were waivered :D

      We moved into our new house just 2 months after being here...................now 10 months later and cant beleive how quick its gone


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      We opened an account with the Commonwealth in London and transfered our funds with them (they gave us a better rate than Hifx), on arrival in Adelaide activated the account and everything was up and running, applied for a credit and got that within 2 weeks.
      Make sure you inform them of your Tax File Number(can only be applied for once you are in Oz) as soon as you get it.

      Good luck


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      How Much Did You Pay In Fees

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      Hi Paul,

      We opened an account with Commonwealth Bank while we were over in April 07. Very easy to do, we also used HIFX a few weeks ago to transfer our savings over while the rate was good, no problems at all, very simple/easy experience and staff from bank and hifx were excellent.

      HIFX don't charge any fees, the bank on the other hand charge $6 per month for their fees on a streamline account (current a/c), but the interest rate wasn't great so we opened a savings account online which only gave 6.25% interest and we wanted more!

      So on advisement from the online advisor, we contacted the commonwealth bank branch and spoke to a customer service agent and asked for a better rate, in the end we froze the money for 3 months initially with an interest rate of 6.75%. This timescale can be adjusted again after the 3 months, hopefully we will know a bit more as far as our visa is concerned and make an executive decision based on this, whether we will leave as it is or freeze again for another short time.

      The customer service in Australia does seem to be a lot better than here and no job seems too much for them. So far anyway!!!!!

      see ya.
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      Used Commonwealth initially, and had to many problems dealing with the incompetent woman in the city branch..........moved to ANZ local branch and have had no problems.........Used HIFX initially, good and professional. but haggle between rival traders. Also used ozforex recently.......also very good and probably prefer to HIFX.


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      Rachel & Jeff
      We saw a mortgage adviser when we were on our reccie and were advised to use Commonwealth particularly if we want a mortgage before we have been there for 3 months. He said that even with a substantial deposit some banks wouldn't give a loan immediately but that Commonwealth would.


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      hi and thanks to all who posted info on this page, it has been a great help deciding which back to go with once in adelaide. i was thinking of westpac but now im split between westpac and commonwealth??

      now more questions have come to mind,
      do i have to go to london to open a account with the commonwealth bank or is there another way and also where is there branch in london?
      i wont need a mortgage right away but maybe after 6 months it is good to know they are a good option for one.

      i also heard westpac will send you your vias/mastercard cards while still in the uk and then you activate them when you arrive in adelaide,is this a similar thing with the commonwealth bank?

      thanks everyone


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