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    Thread: morgage lending

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      morgage lending

      hi all
      hoping to move down under soon as and was wondering if anyone who is already there could give me any info on how much the banks will lend on morgages i.e 3x wages of main earner plus oh pittance ,or is it diffrent to the uk ,in that they will lend you what you want as long as you keep paying it back ???? any help would be much appreciated

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      HI there Clash
      When you are on www.realestate.com.au there are lots of banks with their mortgage calculator bits, so might be worth trying there first.

      We have just been in with a great independant financial advisor over here who is very switched on and coud give you some unbiased advice. Let me know if you want her details.

      All the best for now

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      hi sas
      thanx for the reply ,bit early to be getting professional advice yet ,but when we,re a bit nearer to leaving ,will look you up for her name ,just trying to get a bit of an insight at the mo ,but as i now know your there ,will be hassling you for advice on all sorts ha ha
      thanx again


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