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    Thread: tax??

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      Getting very confused, only been here 3 weeks, not even working yet but getting stressed about the tax return business. if one of us starts work say next week, we'll need to complete a tax return yes??. theres some info advising everyone to get an accountant type person to do it but does this just apply to people on lots of money or skint people earning next to nothing as yet? cant seem to find up to date calculators to tell me if i'll need to do one, dont want to miss a deadline out of ignorance.
      very confused....little help here???

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      Hey dont stress about it.
      Everyone files tax returns, got us a bit confused as well last year.
      Go to the Gov website and download the free tax return software and do it yourself.
      I claimed for 2 pairs of sunnies, shoes, petrol for route learning and all sorts but you gotta keep the reciets cause now and again they will audit you.
      I got just ove 4K back last year.

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      Its not til July so dont panic, theres accountants on most street corners to be fair...
      we used hrblock for our first year - they work everything out for you - charge a bit more than most but at least it was done.
      Get your first one out of the way with an accountant(just to keep it simple and get it over with) then following years you could pretty much do it yourself.

      You'll be amazed what you can claim for....

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      E-tax essentials

      Heres the link for this financial years tax returns ( until end of June ) via the web. It sounds and looks complicated but if your return is straight forward, its easy to do and saves around $100 to $150. Or spend that on a accountant and claim it back the following year.

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      Private individuals having a tax accountant is much more common here than in the UK. Years ago there were lots of work expenses which could be claimed up to a certain limit in each category and tax accountants had the inside knowledge of what those limits were and would nod and wink until you got close to that amount with an estimate. That's a fair while ago now. Currently there are only limited things allowable and you must keep receipts for anything you wish to claim. The kind of things you might get away with are e.g. a laptop for working at home, a trip away to a conference or other job-related activity. There are also some loopholes still available with salary packaging.

      Normally the worst accountants to choose are the ones with the highest profile. Lots of good tax accountants operate on their own from home and the best way to locate them is to ask around at work etc. They are generally a lot cheaper too and less likely to be hooked up with any financial services wide-boys.


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