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    Thread: gross pay deductions

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      gross pay deductions

      Hi everyone,
      I'm just beginning to take a serious look into moving to Oz. I'm looking into living expenses and lifetsyle etc. I have an idea as to what my start pay will be, but do not know what deductions there will be. Can anyone tell me the rate of tax and other deductions I may have. I would be starting on about $50000.

      Thanks alot

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      As a rough figure mate i reckon you would be taking home around the $800 mark give or take a little...

      Your employer by law has to pay your super..( Pension ) thats 9 % but it increasing

      Massive retirement boost for all in Henry tax review | News.com.au

      As for other stuff it depends on where you live as to rent etc etc, plus if you have kids you get cash off the state if you have PR that is.

      There are some very knowledgabkle guys on ehre who will give you alot more details


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      Thanks HG. I fully intend in using the knowledge and experiences of the other members on here.:)

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      - 23 % and that what you will get, unitll you get over 80K so i get 740 per week

      Its rough but not far off mate.
      Your employer pays your super but make sure your wage is 50K plus super...... not including super. Other wise you are 50K minus at least 9%
      Some company's are offering 13% super, which is very good

      Overtime is called "penalty rates", normally 1.5 for 2 hours then 2x after that, first 4 on a sat 1.5 and 2x after but company's will differ

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      This web site will work out your take home pay. It includes the medicare levy which is 1.5% of your $50000. Just enter the gross pay and wether it is per week/fortnightly/monthly. Its pretty accurate
      TAX Calculator

      If you have a permanent visa and have children you will get family assistance this web site will help you work that out.

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      The first few thousand are tax free. I can't remember how many though!

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      The Australian Tax office (ATO) is always the best place to start.
      ALSO -
      I've found a calculator on the Career One website to be accurate down to the penny!

      Payrise Calculator

      Give it a go

      We were also trying to work out deductions etc when we were back in the UK - the most important thing to get right though - it to make sure any job offers are PLUS super. Some companies will say your salary is a package - in which case you need to factor in that 9% of your wage will go into your pension (super) If you make sure your salary in PLUS super, then you'll get your 50k - and 9% on top will go into your pension.

      hope this helps - good luck with the budgeting!
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