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      Richard & Amanda

      We are in the same boat as many of you here.
      House has been on the market since 5th Sept - just got in there before I needed the dreaded HIP pack!!!! Had 1 viewing so far with no feedback obtained from the agent....they can't contact him apparently! Warrington is flooded with 3bed houses at the moment!

      Anyway we are trying to get out of the contract with our estate agent now, don't feel he is offering the service promised. I reckon we have another 3-4 weeks before the market well and truly dries up for Chrimbo.

      If we don't sell this year we had thought about taking it off the market completely and starting again in the spring. My winter pansies are looking a little sad now, must start thinking about planting the daffs just in case!

      It really is stressful trying to keep the house minimalist just in case!!!!!

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      Leanne & Mark
      We are putting ours up straight after x mas. i think we might go with mutiple agents from the off set so as to up their enthusiasm with any luck!! Just hope we don't look to desperate!!

      Grants thats a bloody good idea, it may just be a great selling point on our house, that we are willing to buy some ones smaller property, plus gives us something to come back too if we really have to.

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      Like many people here the house sale is our last major hurdle.
      Things were going great, the house was sold at near asking price until the chain collapsed last Wedneday!!!!

      We now find ourself going through it all again, keeping the house immaculate and having to disappear for viewings. Has 3 viewing in 2 days which was great but the feedback wasn't so good.

      Very mindful that Christmas is approaching and guess that if we don't sell before the end of the month we'll be out to Adelaide around Christmas without offloading our place, and then what do you do????????
      Reluctant to rent it out but unless we have an offer and a firm chain we may have no choice!!!!

      Paul, Sam, Elliott and Lily
      Living in Woodcroft

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      I guess we are another couple caught in the house selling process,
      Since we put our house on the market at the start of July, we had 2 viewings and then the disastrous floods in Gloucestershire, (we didn't get flooded by the way) August was dead, 5 viewings in Sept & Oct, 2 very positive and agent thought we would get offers, but not forthcoming, Northern Rock, and the announcement this week that the whole UK market is overvalued by 25%, just great!!.
      I left booking flights until the last minute, hoping for a sale, and had some difficulty getting a flight. Finished up with Royal Brunei Airlines. These fly into Perth, where some Aussie friends, who we are staying with for 3 nights before flying onto Adelaide with Virgin Blue.
      All this to validate our Visa. Having said that we are on a one way ticket, and will book a return from Aus. when hopefully a buyer comes along for our house.
      Not an easy time as we fly out on Sunday 28th, and there seems so much to do and organise.
      However I am confident that all will work out well in the end.

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      Thumbs down same boat

      Hi Jan & Shane

      Unfortunatly we are in the same boat, the house market is c*&* at the mo.
      We have to validate our visa's by the 14th Nov 07.
      We could have spent $9000 on a 3 week holiday but we thought it better to keep the money as a mortgage fund and let our house out for 1 year to a company called Northwood. They have a package that will pay your rent/mortgage reguardless of a tenant. So that is what we are doing. We also applied for the meet & greet service and goverment rental, which takes the pressure off of our money situation a little as it will cost us between $160 - $220 dollars per week all inclusive of bills and furniture for a 12 wk only rental.

      Keep your chin up there is help out there if all else fails.

      Good luck and maybe see you in Oz

      Laura & Jarrett

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      We are alos in the same position, almost there with our visa approvals, house on the market and the market has gone DEAD. I agree, this is more stress full than the waiting bit. Lets hope that this interest rates are lowered and that there will be a new interest in the housing market very, very soon.

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      Hi, we arrived here nearly 3 weeks ago and have also not sold our house, very worried, but glad we have still come. We have only had two viewings since May and were fed up waiting and decided to book the flights anyway and hope. It is now up for rental and for sale, going to be sooo frustrating as not going to be able to buy here for ages, but just have to hope that it will sell, is there any news of an interest rate reduction yet? Hope so maybe that will help. Good luck to everyone in the same position and yes it is very stressful, Gina

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      jill wright
      Hi Ceri

      Sounds like we are at the same stage as you,putting finishing touches to house and for sale sign to go up in New Year.Lets hope we are both lucky and sell quickly .Good luck to everyone else who are in the same boat

      Jill Phil Lucy Daniel Thomas (west yorkshire)

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      house sale

      Hi Jan,We too have house for sale here,only had one viewer,we need to go out end of july o8,as its now march i cant see this happening.reluctant to rent house out till sale,and we need to sell to buy in Adelaide.The only solution i envisage is for me to stay till sale is completed ,whilst my wife Sue (who has a job to start in july)goes out with the rest of the family.So to sum up,we are in a similar vessel,however ,i think we know deep down that all will end well in the long run,dont despair,its just a price you sometimes have to pay for a better life. GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE VERY BEST.Billy and Sue.

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      Hi all,

      We have now sold the house but bought a smaller one so we are living in this until we go. The people who bought ours were really keen on ours but did not have a buyer. We decided to buy theirs which was a small 3 bedroomed modern terraced and one that will easily be easy to rent.

      We intend keeping this house and renting it out as it meant we avoided the 12500 early redemption fee we would have had to pay on the mortgage. We have released the equity and just transferred the mortgage. We are off for a reccie on 17th May for 17 days and then will hopefully move in September before the start of the Uk school year. This may well be an option for all of you struggling to sell houses.

      Will let you all know how our reccie goes.

      Jan Midwife
      Shane Insurance loss adjuster
      Oliver aged 14 (not keen on going!)
      Gabriella 10


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