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      Angry Worried -NO HOUSE SALE AND WANT TO GO

      Hi don't post very often but always on the site reading others comments.

      We have our visas and was hoping to go between January and March. The big problem is we have still not sold the house. It has been on the market since end May and we have had 2 offers one early on, 30K below asking price, which was quickly rejected. We then had another offer, 25K below asking and we asked them to come up slightly but they refused so we declined that offer.

      Then the Northern Rock thing happened and it has gone very quite. There is another prospective buyer who is keen on the house but they have also got to sell. The media is predicting gloom and doom in the property market and saying the market is going to crash which is fine if you are buying and selling but when you are trying to release your capital it is a total nightmare and we could see all our equity go down the pan.
      The Estate agents have assured us the price is right at present and it is well presented etc but there are just no buyers around at present.

      Is anybody else struggling with house sales? It just might make me feel better to speak to others in the same boat.

      Jan Midwife
      Shane Insurance Loss Adsjuster
      Oliver 13
      Gabriella 9

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      Hi Jan,

      I know how frustrating it is! I'm here in Adelaide and have my 3 bed house still to sell in Manchester. The day I put it on the market, someone offered 18 thousand below the asking price and I declined. In hindsight, I wish I'd accepted.
      It seems the market is dead through out the U.K, which is totally opposite to here. If a house isn't snapped up within the week, you start to wonder whats wrong with it!

      At the moment I have my U.K house tennanted. But that too hasn't been without problems. My last tenants took my washing machine and lawn mower, blew my electrics and flooded my bathroom. This new tenant has been in 2 weeks and already snapped my light switch and buggered up the lock on my front door. My house was perfect when I left and now I believe looks sad and tired, so no wonder no one wants it!

      I'm sorry I couldn't have been more positive with this post! But I guess you can take solace that its happening to others around you, not just you.

      Good luck and I hope you get a break through soon.

      Judi x

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      Wow Jan cannot believe that house has not sold - both the house and the area are gorgeous

      Fingers crossed that things pick up for you soon and a buyer comes along for you so you can get out here for a bit of summer so you don't have 2 winters on the trot like we did
      (even if winter here is lovely in the day!)


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      I always say...you think the getting the TRA and visa bit is stressful, the house sale bit is far far far worse!

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      Thanks for your replies.

      All we can hope is that the market does not crash and the interest rate reduces soon so that people are given more confidence to buy.

      If not we will be coming soon for a reccie to validate visas which will be good but will also eat into any capital we have. Still I have got to try and think positively as it is driving me mad with worry. After going through all the stress of obtaining the visa the house selling is definitely worse.

      Jan Midwife
      Shane Loss adjuster
      Oliver 13
      Gabriella 9

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      Hi there,

      sorry to here your stresses about your house, so close yet so far away!

      Hopefully things will sort themselves out for you, there will be a buyer out there somewhere!

      Good Luck and keep us posted.
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      I agree - the house selling process is most definitely the worst part. We are now on our 3rd sale of our house in the UK. I suppose we are fortunate in a way as we had 3 people who wanted it but all had to sell their houses first. We've managed to get the full asking price too - but as they say 'never say you've sold it until you get the money in your hand'.

      We're crossing fingers, toes, anything really, that the sale really will go through this time.

      It's a decision you have to make Jan - do you leave your house empty in the UK and hope you sell, rent it out, or sit tight until you have the money in your hand. It's a decision only you and your family can make.

      I wish you well.

      Karen, Steve, Nick and Chloe
      136 Visa holders

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      worried no house sale

      Hi Everything you have said is the same for us. house been up for sale since July only had 1 viewing this is the most stressful part of the whole process. There is nothing happening on the property market here (Nottingham). We are going to rent out as we want to go as early in the new year as we can. Hope this is a little comfort you are not alone. Good luck

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      hi Jan, sorry to hear you cant sell....that makes me really worried, as we are just putting finishing touches to our house before putting it on the market in dec/jan. we hope to sell and go into rented untl we move to oz in Jan 09. we have to sell our house just like you to be able to go . Good Luck and keep us updated.
      Where are you thinking of moving to in Adelaide...any favourite suburbs?

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      Hi everyone.

      Feeling much better today as believe it or not we may now have sold our house.

      However there is a catch. We are doing an exchange with a couple who are really keen on ours but have also not been able to sell theirs. This means we buy their house, release our capital but keep our mortgage which is tied in with Northern Rock for 10 years at a rate of 4.75%. This will enable us to avoiding the 12500 early redemption fee we were going to have to pay back to Northern Rock. It does mean we will have a little less to bring but we should be able to rent the property which is a modern 3 bedroomed terraced and should bring in enough income to cover the mortgage. We will initially move into it and just tell Northern Rock we are downsizing (hopefully none of you are Northern Rock Employees!!).

      There is always the worry we will not have a tenant and mortgage would not be paid but long term I think this could be good move as I really don't think properties will crash horrendously, as it is predicted by the middle of this century this country will have 75 million people so demand is going to be too great for properties to fall long term.

      If anybody else is in the same position and having difficulty selling maybe you should think about doing a similar thing.

      In answer to Ceri we are hoping to move end of March and hope to live in Blackwood or Eden Hills area. Our friends moved early September and are living in Hallett Cove in rented as they had not sold their house before leaving. Their children aged 13 and 15 are going to Blackwood High school which is going well so they are now lookinhg o move to this area as they have said it is a good place to live.

      Cant wait to go so fingers and toes crossed now this property sale goes through without any hitches. We need to speak to Northern Rock and then decide on sale prices. Of course we are going to have to pay solicitors fees estate agent fees and stamp duty but still not as much as the 12500 early redemption fee. Tying ourselves into a 10 year deal was a good idea at the time but 12 months later we had an even better idea of emigrating to Australia. just a shame the Australian idea didn't come before the mortgage deal.

      Jan Midwife
      Shane Loss Adjuster
      Ollie 13
      Gabby 9


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