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    Thread: Buying property

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      The SIR visa has very few restrictions when you really look into it.
      Yes you can buy a house when you want, as Tyke says we did this in 3 days. You have to get FIRB approval but you just have that written into the contract(it can take upto 28 days but ours only took one week)

      Yes you can buy a second house but it has to be Brand New.

      Yes you can set up your own business all you need to do is apply for a ABN (australian business number)
      and away you go.

      Don't be put off by what an agent says. A lot of agents know very little about the SIR visa.

      If you need any more specific info just ask


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      Hi there Liz,

      you have no idea how happy that statement makes me. We can set up our own business. I'll start looking into it more then. I hoping to buy some land, have an architect draw up plans for a B & B, building it and then that's my husbands job basically. I'll go out and work :-(

      It's miles away and zillions of research needing done, running a B & B might not even be that profitable. But I did think, if we set this up in his name, and I do still fulfil the SIR 495 criteria then surely it's safe to do this.

      Ooo..love it when a plan comes together :-)

      Thanks for the advice

      Carol Ann

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      Hi there
      we are hoping to buy a house on our reccie trip later this year rather tahn rent for 6 months [partly because of our pets - more difficult to rent - and also as we would of been renting in the UK for a year and want/need to get back to owning our own place again. any info on mortgae companies to go for/ areas to look at etc please let us know. thanks
      visa 136 modl :D
      positive skills assessment on 5th march 2007
      visa submitted on 19th march - along with police checks
      hoping to have a case officer asap!


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