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    Thread: Child Tax Credits

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      Child Tax Credits

      Hi All

      We moved to Oz in Sept 2010, and we are still recieving Child Tax Credits. We have informed them we are no longer in the Uk, but they still keep paying us, they are even sending our post to Australia now. Just wondering if this is happening to anybody else and if anybody knows how to get them to stop, I haven't spent any of the money as I know they will want it back at some point.

      Thanks Melissa

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      It takes a while - trust me. (and you have to tell them several times)
      Keep the money safe, yes they will want it back. (even the interest is pants in a UK bank account!)
      How that place runs i do not know, but thats a different story.
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      I phoned to cancel my child tax credits before we left the UK & they said they couldnt stop it until I had a permanent address.

      Eventually they stopped paying & asked for the money back! (Talk about making more work for themselves!!)

      No wonder the UK is in such a state when government payments cant be simply stopped when requested.

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      me too - I cant even seem to get through to them to tell them again cause evertime I call the automated system says they are reveiving lots of calls and to call back anoter time - then it hangs up - aghhhhhh!
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      It's all the poms in Oz trying to cancel their payments LOL
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