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    Thread: Money money money :)

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      Hi and welcome :)

      Hi, sorry Kangomilk tempted me to respond!

      We had little in the bank when we actually moved - mainly as it was a whirlwind experience (3 year plan turned into 6 months!!) think in the region of 6k !
      I had a job to come to and started 2 weeks after we arrived so the pennies lasted the 6 weeks til my 1st pay day!!
      Wish we had just brought everything - our thought process was to get rid, as a lot of our furniture wasn't all that, but wish I had my sofa, new fridge n freezer, and wish I had brought new mattresses!! At least you have the opportunity to sell the stuff here if not really needed.

      The other thing is we still do not have our belongings as we had a shared container - we left 11/11/2010!! Think our stuff would be here by now if we had our own container.

      That said we have done really well using freecycle, e-bay, gumtree, car boots and garage sales :)
      Prob spent $400 on all our furniture!! Now we are going to take our time and collect new things as we go - thing is we are renting so not too bothered until / if we get our own place.

      Oh by the way we are a family of 4 and I am the only worker - Pete's now a house-husband...again :) lucky bugger...

      Just to give you an idea we have a 3 bed.
      Our rent is $335 pw, petrol is $55 pw (as I work near the city and live in Seaford Meadows), food budget is $600+ pm, gas/water/elec budget is $200 pm, do not pay council tax as we rent.

      Dont forget with 3 kids you will get family credit and probably rent assistance which all helps :)

      Hidden extras when you arrive = Rego, driving licences (though can wait 3 months), school fees (about $200 a year for primary).

      Food seems expensive at first but you soon learn where to shop.

      Hope this helps a little!!

      Any questions please give me a shout - happy to help
      Von xxxxx
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      Quote Originally Posted by Sears Family View Post

      Dont forget with 3 kids you will get family credit and probably rent assistance which all helps :)
      Helloo me again. Please remember this quote above depends on what visa you come on, as cam medical assistance and i think rent assist.

      This is also a contributing factor as to why some people find it easier than others. The benefits can make all the difference.

      Slightly off track, but i have met people who came with a boat load of cash, built their own place and were mortgage free.............. the real lucky ones.............. but they changed their job......... oooppps some visa's you cannot do that........ heres the 28 day notice leave.
      As rare as this is, it still happens.:jimlad:

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      What visas do you need to come oner on to qualify for family credit, rent assistance etc and if you qualify does it also depend on what your income is?

      Thanks Becky


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