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    Thread: Money money money :)

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      Money money money :)

      How much would be a comfortable amount of money to move over with??
      Thank you :)
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      Hi, I can't answer your question but Im glad you have asked it. Just wanted to say hello and thanks x
      The wardles

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      How long is a piece of string? Are you a family? If yes, how many kids do you have? Maybe you're single. Do you plan to rent or buy a house? Will you have a job already sorted when you first get here or do you plan to spend a few weeks job hunting? Will you ship your furniture out or buy everything new when you get here?

      Just a few questions that will probably help people answer your question a bit better! :o

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      You will get people saying you have to have 100K and even then its not enough, , incluyou will get people saying they moved a family of 6 over on 10K and it wasn't a problem - it very much depends on what Mick said plus:
      a) what your personal sitation is in terms of not only how many of you there are/ages/if you already have jobs to go to etc but also in terms of what you are used to (for eg, if you and partner both drive brand new BMWs, eat out several times a week and have a 6 bed luxury pad right now, obviously you are going to need more to set up to the same standard as a single person who drives a 20 year old car, eats out at McD's a couple of times a year and has furnished a home from charity shops/freecycle/Ikea).
      b)what you expect when you get there (see above)
      c) how much you have or can reasonably raise

      We are a couple and have plucked the figure of trying to make the move on 10K including out flight costs, possibly including the cost of shipping out our cats, possibly not, but if this is the case I plan on working within a week of landing. If we decide that actually it would be nice if I can have a little time off, we will try and bring more, but seeing as we spend 100% of our income at the moment on the basics, saving is going to be very hard for us, so it is a toss up between longer here and longer to save, but feeling like we are wasting our lives waiting to get on with the rest of our lives, or going sooner and just taking the plunge on what we have.

      You can't spend what you haven't got, and its very easy to waste money (you can buy a toaster for $10 or for $100 for eg).
      Our 33,000km ish trip around Oz - have a look here (also good for tips on equipment and holiday places ) Our moving and living here blog :)

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      cornish Busdriver
      As much as you can possibly can is the simple answer.
      When you get here; money will flow through your fingers like water when you start.
      Some people have moved here with 5K, i started with 10K but had already lined up a job before i came and the rest of the money came over when the house sold in the UK.
      Think you need to work a budget out for stuff e.g. rental and setting up home, car, how long before you start work, food and other stuff.
      I know it seems quiet daunting but we have all been there and got through.

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      Hi, thats a tough question as people's circumstances vary. I'll try and give you a rough guide on how to work out how much you will need.


      A second-hand car can cost anywhere from about $1,500 but in my opinion from having a good look at a few you'd pay a minimum of about $6,000 for a decent run about. Have a look at Adelaide | Cars for sale at Carsguide.com.au .


      We managed to get all furniture with the exception of a sofa ( which we shipped over ) for approx. $5,500 for good stuff that will last, and this would depend on what you need eg how big your family is and what items you will be shipping over. Have a look at Super A-mart Super A-Mart, The biggest range of furniture and bedding. Always the lowest price guaranteed. The best stock availability in the industry Come in and take a look! and fantastic furntiure Fantastic Furniture - Home they also do discount packages for new homes and make sure you haggle you can get a lot of money knocked off when buying a large amount of items.

      White Goods

      Same as above but look at Good Guys The Good Guys - Homepage and Harvey Norman Harvey Norman Australia | Your Specialist in Electrical, Computers, Furniture and Bedding


      Look at Rental Properties, Homes for Rent and Apartments to Lease - realestate.com.au for rental prices. Prices vary depending on obviously size of house and area so it depends on where you want to live but you will need 6 weeks rent as a bond and also short term rentals on arrival until you find a rental can be expensive so make sure you allow for that, a few people on here have furnished rentals one of which is Homes Down Under, short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia .


      Cost of schools range from state school at around $250 per year per child, Catholic schools at approx. $2000 per year per child and private schools can be anywhere upto $15,000. Some schools have pay weekly, fornightly or monthly options. You will also have to pay out for uniforms which also vary on the type of school.

      It also depends on whether you have a job or not to walk into, if you are going to be looking for work on arrival you will need some funds to live off until you find work.

      Hope this helps and hope I haven't missed anything.
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      Hi everyone firstly I must say thanks very much for getting back to me it means alot :)
      We are a family of 5 - 3 children in primary school, My partner who is a time served Glazier who also does Roofing and me who is studying AAT in which I have 1 year left.
      We are both wanting to work but it will be my partner working first but me first if that's what happens. We will try for him to have a job before we travel but it would be so nice to have time to explore together as a family before work started.
      I was thinking of shipping over as much furniture as I can even if it means buying a few flats packs from ikea i.e. Wardrobes, chest of drawers etc and then buying the little things once we are there.
      Is there any point bringing electrical items?? Do washing machines, tv's, computers etc work out there??
      Anymore hints, tips and advice would be brilliant.
      Also if anyone knows any good areas nice family areas. I hear Seaford Rise is nice??
      Thank you :)

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      cornish Busdriver
      Yeah all electricals work fine, just need to change the plugs and input the regeion free codes into DVD players and anything else that has regions to it

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      Some tv's won't work, some just need the region changing, one of ours had to be changed to france to work here.
      My advice is bring everything, you can garage sale it once here, or get the council to take it away. You will be surprised at how much it cost's to set up.

      Roofing over here comes under roof plumber, i think this is because you put the drainage pipes in to. I should listen more when out with people.

      We don't know how you live, how you spend or what you consider to be a comfortable lifestyle. I am going to upset a few, but i reckon if your on 50K combined income in the UK then you won't make it here. If however your on 25K region combined, you should be ok. I only say this because there are not very many high paid jobs here in Adelaide, but lots of expensive houses.

      If your on 100K then don't bother getting on the plane unless your comming to retire!

      Life's what you make it over here, the good things don't cost much, and feeling relaxed is the norm!
      You can't put a price on good friends and neighbours
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      Shipping as much as you can over might be a good idea with the exchange rate at the moment.


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