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      Transfering Pensions

      Evening all

      All being well we should be in over in Oz mid June, have had medicals now we wait patiently. Does anyone know, we have private & public sector pensions but do not know what to do about them, should we contact a financial 'bod' in the UK before we go or deal with some one in Oz??? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks Lynda

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      Hi Lynda

      I met with a company at an Emigrate event a couple of years back, the company is called Pension Transfers and so far I have found them very helpful indeed. I would imagine you would be able to find them by goggling them. They have provided me with a free report on my pension and recommendations. I believe should I wish to transfer them to Oz when I arrive they will then charge me a fee for their services.

      Hope this helps!

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      Hi there
      my husband and I both had public and private sector pensions which have now been transferered to Australia. Andrew Williams (member on here) did it all for us. I can highly recommend his services and continues to manage all our finances now. Don't panic and think that you need to sort these things before you leave the UK you have so much to think about in those final months. It can be sorted when you have arrived and are settled. Look Andrew up he's a great guy!
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