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    Thread: Cost of Living in SA

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      The survival instinct will kick in when you arrive here,it is only natural.We arrived here 2 and a half years ago with only one wage coming in,but we were not too bad financially,what we found is that if we wanted all the things we were used to having in the UK ,in our fairly comfortable lifestyle,then we would soon be in the poor house,and off back pretty sharpish!Almost all who arrive here learn to adapt to what they can afford really quick,out of necessity.Rest assured,you can live here on a shoestring short term if need be,there are plenty of no frills shops and second hand shops around,and they can service your requirements until you either get your feet under the table,or decide it may not be for you.All in all i think Adelaide offers the option to all who migrate here to either have a go,or decide it ain,t for you,and that can't be too bad.Best Luck to all coming out here. :D
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      Quote Originally Posted by coolerking View Post
      I'd take that to be gross. For those who can claim centrelink, the amount you can receive can depend if there are two incomes or just one. If you earn $80k with one income, you get more than if you earn $80k with two incomes. If you rent, you can also receive rent assist.

      Rental figures, well that will depend on where you live. $450/w will get you something pretty nice in Aldinga etc. but I am sure that would not get you as much in Brighton. Mortgage figures, well it depends on how much you borrow. Also, many lenders will lend you less depending on the number of children.

      Probably the biggest difference for people arriving in recent times is that of the mortgage. Three to seven years ago, the rate of exchange was far higher so that helped. Also, many people were able to liquidate more through house sales so that they had far lower mortgages here. For many people, the mortgage is the one 'bill' they would like to get rid of.

      Thanks for answering that one. So for the title of this thread, taking away the mortgage payment would you think a family of 4 is not much if any worse off in Adelaide as they were in UK for cost of living ? Especially as I read so many claim they can do so much more for free in Oz. thanks


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