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      Help needed on finding out Import duty on bringing over a car!!!

      Hi all
      Looking at bringing over my car.Its A land rover Discovery HSE 2005.I was going to sell it as I will not be doing the type of work I do here so don't need such a large car but its mine and I have just checked and I will get a woeful mount to trade in the UK. It might be worth be paying the 4 and a half thousand to bring over as I have just seen how much they cost in SA!!!!! But I can't find any info on the cost of tax on the car into SA and that might make or break my decision!!



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      I found this thread while searching through one of my motoring forums as I was thinking of taking my car out with me when we go, but to be honest its way to much hassle and too costly, but check it out.


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      Thanks have read the article, some good tips!!You are right, it does seem like a hassle, but baulking bit at the car prices in Oz. The bottom is really falling out of the car market here, despite what the car dealers say! Will definitely be loading my boot full of parts that always need replacing!



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