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      Getting money from Uk to Oz - please help

      Hi PIA, Its all too much for my already over stretched brain. We have finally on our way to Adelaide at the end of Oct and I am trying to decide which bank account and how to transfer money from uk to oz and have come up with losts of questions i cant find the answer for, please help...

      1. Can you transfer money from commonwealth london transfer acc into another australian bank, say NAB, or does it have to be into a comonwealth acc?

      2. If you use Moneycorp do you have to keep a uk bank account open or do they hold it for you, if so how long?

      3. Any advice for and against keeping uk bank account open or closing it.
      4. Any recommendations of tranfering money and which bank to use generally would be great.

      These are probably stupid questions but am frankly feeling pretty stupid at the moment. So much to do but all very exciting.
      Thanks for you help Jane

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      With money Corp you transfer money from your bank account into theirs then they transfer it into your oz one. We have kept a uk bank account open for the inlaws to put birthday money in for the kids. Also we use it for buying stuff from the uk if it is cheaper. You can open a bank account with NAB on line before you come over. Then you just have to go into the bank when you arrive to verify your identity and pick up your bank cards.
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      Hi Jane,
      We did exactly the same as Lisa.. opened an ANZ account online in UK, then used a money transfer company that ANZ recommended. exchanged our money into Aus $ using them and then when we arrived in Adelaide we just went along to our local branch of ANZ and activated our accounts. We have kept a small amount in our UK accounts for any emergencies, but the rest we changed in dollars because the rate of interest is much higher in Aus than in UK.
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      Oooh, thanks ajford. My partner and I were thinking about keeping an account open in the UK. Just seeing that someone else has done it is positive in itself :)



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