if you look at xe.com/ucc you can see the historical rate - it always dips over the Xmas and New Year period it seems, so don't panic too much if you can wait a couple of weeks (this is what we are currently telling ourselves anyway lol - we have to shift out all our money within the next 5 or so weeks, and hoping it starts to creep up again!).

We use PersonalFX, they have been really really good - our man (you get assigned a specific person) calls us when the exchange rate reaches the level we set with him, or if it looks like it might go that high, or if he doesn't think its going to go that high for ages and ages, and we lock ourselves into a specific rate. They get their money by selling us the currency for 0.02 less than the actual exchange rate (so if its 1.52 we get 1.50 for eg), which we are happy with. Can't fault them to be honest. As long as your money broker is registered etc, I'm guessing they are much of a muchness, you just go with who you like the sound of on the phone :)