This is how I feel about myself for leaving a UK tax return until the last minute, and a Sunday to boot!

LAST year, I completed my tax return for the UK FY 09/10 in January 2011, including clawing back UK income tax for the short time of that year that I was still living in the UK, ALL ONLINE with no problems at all.

THIS year, in fact, this morning, I sit down to do what should be a far more straight forward return (having to not try and ask HMRC for any Income Tax back) and I see phrase that I now cannot return to to copy and paste into there that says that if I'm a non-resident, I have to use commercial software, not HMRC's own online forms! What the hell?? I was fine last year!!!

Stressed now (yes, I know, serves me right) and having to wait until tomorrow night to phone the UK and find out if I'm going mad.

Also, I'm sure that I will have asked the UK this last year when I spoke to them, but can't remember the answer (from the PDF it would seem it was "no") but I'm checking, am I supposed to be declaring my Aus employment income anywhere? I don't think so, but it's just nagging at me because Aus tax returns do want to know about my UK rental income.

Any advice grateful received before tomorrow evening.