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      Quote Originally Posted by muppetbro View Post
      i landed my first aerial handle pass moves yesterday - flat 3s at henley

      one thing i do more and more of is avoid asking poms anything about adelaide - my work colleagues and mates down the beach offer me more honest opinion on all things adelaide.....one common thing that is said - the south is catching up the north for feral scummys and "that what you bloody poms breed when you congregate together" - well i cant disagree with my 6 months teaching experience in some of these areas -

      as for education here - my school after 4 weeks of using relief teachers to fill in finally filled their quota of positions with teachers who get moved around every year

      my daughters school lost 8 teachers and a headteacher a week before new year started - good school she attends.......well the kids are well bahaved for sure and you wont find many school populations like that in the north and south suburbs...........oh yeh house prices are much higher in these suburbs............in fact its just the same as the uk .......
      apart from schools have accountability in the uk which has bred a far tighter run school system and professionalism amongst teachers.......

      if at the end of the day you dont mind teachers and kids talking to one another and accepting f words every other word is acceptable, no homework no exams no pressure curriculums that get dropped at a whim, trips that take place with little connections to work being done in curriculum then sure kids are going to l ike school here more........well apart from the decent kids who get a good education denied them from a totally disjointed unorganised beaurocracy.........

      i love adelaide - but i think the southern suburbs are slums full of all the social indicators i honestly thought id leave behind in the uk towns / cities - nice beaches change when they become crowded with the local population - schools give a very good insight into the social characteristics of a community - cheap land cheap house prices at what price for your children id be asking.............

      im off to middleton to hit some kickers

      I've read this post 4 times and still can't see what it has got to do with the exchange rate.
      If you want to talk about social characteristics then perhaps you should start a new thread rather than hi jack this one.


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      Quote Originally Posted by graandjac View Post
      Ferel scummers.....???believe me Australia dosent know what they are, every day now on the news some innocent dad is stabed or kicked to death standing up for his family in some way by ferel scum here in the uk , gangs of youths who the police do nothing about, we live in sleepy old sussex and if i go out for a beer at the weekend, we have to be in a group of 3 or 4 to wander about after 12 (and Iam not the one to walk away from a group of young thugs) but you have to watch your back, and the street crime is years behind the uk . Cheers Graham
      Fantastically put my friend.


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