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      Exchange Rate Argh!!!!

      Hi guys

      Just checked this morning the exchange rate is 2.15. has it ever been this low and will it ever go up????

      Kimberley x

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      Historically I think it went as low as 2.08. Can't see it improving myself. We were moaning at 2.39 last August , having missed out on 2.54 . At the end of the day it's a lottery. Sorry.

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      We're watching the exchange rate with interest too as we were planning to rent out our house here and come over to Adelaide Jan 09, renting over there for about 12months and assuming we liked it then sell our house. You know, taking it all very slowly, no panic. Now we're starting to feel the pressure. Perhaps we should sell our house before prices fall too much, come over as soon as we get our visa (probably late summer) and buy sooner rather than later before house prices go up too much in Adelaide. Typical isn't it!! As you said, it's bit of a lottery.

      I just want to get things moving now, getting fed up of just sitting around! Just waiting for police checks and medicals so shouldn't be too long now (she says!?!!)

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      Not a nice position for you guys waiting to exchange monies, the problem being that the Reserve Bank of Australia today announced that the Australian economy is still very strong, and they may have to have more interest rate rises to try and keep inflation in check.

      Try to keep positive and good luck


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      Yes it's very frustrating, we have been considering this move for 5 years and it was always me who held off, Stephen wanted to take the plunge years ago, am I sorry now we didn't make the move when house prices we at there peak here and exchange rate better but that just our luck. "SODS LAW" I think it's called

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      ozzy wannabe
      Hi everyone

      I have just this minute had a very depressing conversation with a guy at HIFX the last time the rates dropped as low as this was 10 years ago when it got as low as 1.89 and it took 4 years to increase !!!

      He also explained that the interests rates in oz are expected to go up at least another 3 times this year!!! good news for those already over, there but not for those of us who have the money on the bank and are just waiting to go.

      What do we do bite the bullet and take the low rate put it into an oz savings a/c at a high rate than were getting now, or risk waiting for it to hopefully go up in the next 6 months?

      Any Ideas gratefully received.

      who said that life was easy. I think that the easy part was getting the visa in the first place!!

      From a very stressed Vicky

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      hifx advice we received yesterday was its currently only going in one direction for a while yet - 2.10 was being mooted 6 weeks ago

      anyone with $ now is the time to make a killing

      house prices here will slow down to 8% i reckon - last weekend was the first signs that buyers are being more cautious but the median price now stands at $400k

      i reckon the cost of living all things considered now is higher than the uk unless you earn a good salary over 70K p.a.

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      It seems to be one thing after another. House prices in the UK fall then the flaming Australian $ exchange rate is so poor I think we will be living in a tin shack the way thisngs are going. All very depressing.

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      Yeah but swampo let's keep telling ourselves in OZ the shack will be warm, if we stay our shack will either flood or be snowed in,
      we need to keep positive somehow!!!

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      i just want it to go uppppppp

      Kimberley x


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