Hi PIA Members,

I've been recently beed approached by Greg to advertise on my website, which I don't mind him doing but wanted to know a bit more about him before I recommended his services.
At the end of our meeting, I've been suitably impressed that Greg knows what he is doing in regards to sorting out financial matters in the U.K before people migrate over.
He can also help this end too with securing home loans, accounting services, conveyancing etc.

My OH Ian, also had lots of questions regarding his financial status as he's just started a new job. Within an hour, we had 5 different people from different services, e.g accountants phone him up to help him sort things out.

So, if you want some more advice about what to do before you leave the U.K with your pensions, tax office, transfer of money, check out his website and drop him a line.


Judi x

(Disclamer; This is just a reccommendation through my experience, on a personal basis. I am not responsible for any advice you may receive through Mason Management!)

P.S. Isn't it ashame that in this world it is necessary to write such a thing!