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      Cost of swimming / dance / gymnastics classes?

      Hi, I am trying to get a better idea of toddler activities to add to our spreadsheet. Can anyone give me an idea how much swimming lessons cost and any other activities /classes like baby ballet / gymnastics? It would be for a three year old girl, one swimming & ballet class per week.
      Recommendations for swimming/dance schools in either the Port Noarlunga or eastern suburbs would be fabulous too.

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      Hi Micks

      I could highly recommend the Sherriffs Road Swimming centre, they are really good we have tried several in the area and they are by far the best. classes are around $15 I think but if you buy a book of 10 its cheaper. They are not far from Port Noarlunga and better teachers than at the Noarlunga Pool in my Opnion.


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      My kids both go to Noarlunga and it costs approx $16 each. Was not my first choice but was easier to get there for me.
      Instep School of Dance on Beach Rd at Christies charge or used to $10 per lesson or if you paid by direct debit $80 per term. There is also a dance school in Port Noarlunga which if I remember rightlly charges about the same but is not as formal eg they can wear trainers and fairy outfits if they like. When they first start off at Instep, they don't have to have the right stuff but from 4 you have to have the right colour, tap and ballet shoes etc. To give you an example, I paid $60 for leather tap shoes and $35 for the pumps.
      As for gymnastics, afraid I can't help there.
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      Hi. my youngest has tried the in step at christies and fairy ballet at dancextreme seaford. have to say i preferred seaford and they let u pay 2weeks at a time instead of a term. its about $9.50 for dancing. we go swimming at state swim in seaford and got no complaints. that costs about $17 but get discount if u buy in bulk.



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