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    Thread: Australian Tax

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      Australian Tax

      just a quick question thats been bothering me,
      How does the tax system work in Australia?
      my understanding (which im sure im wrong) is that the first 18200 i earn is tax free,so that means say i was getting 25dollars a hour, i would be getting that cash in the hand tax free up untill i earn 18200? so if i was doing a 40hour week i would be getting 1000dollars a week cash in the hand for 18weeks? and then i would have to start paying tax or do they some how work out your salary for the year and start taxing you straight away?


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      No, it is exactly the same as in the uk, they tax you equally throughout the year, assuming that you will be earning a similar amount, unless you go up into the next tax brackets any week.
      No tax free weeks I'm afraid, but you are more likely to get a tax return (as long as you are a resident for tax purposes).



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