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Get it right, get it right!
Don't you start Diane or you you'l end up like my grandmother ( I read a previous post of yours)...................

Just as a little defence I have a company lap top which is about 6 yrs old, always out on dusty, muddy and wet constrution sites conditions, sometime the keyboard totally stuffs up, then I have to get the Vac out, but mostly not all key contacts work all the time, along with an aircard (dongle) which keeps dropping out and this site dropping out regulary and not saving every thing I write, so the old saying of 'wysiwyg' apllies because I can not be ar$#d in checking every thing. So there!
The blumming thing just dropped out again on the last smiley, got back in and the last line was missing.
Damn thing did it again when trying to post, double