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    Thread: How much money........

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      I arrived (on my own) with 1500 pounds. In fact it may have been a little less. I stayed with relatives for 2 weeks and had waitressing work (casually, only earning say $300 per week) by day 4 and a full time admin temp job by week 6. (I landed early Dec so bad timing for job hunting). I lived in a share house in Glenelg where my room plus all bills came to $130 per week.

      I didn't buy a car until I'd been here about 10 months (as I never intended to stay longer than a year originally) but didn't need one in Glenelg with easy bus and tram to the city. If you pick an area on good public transport you may well not need a car for a while, which will save you lots. Adelaide is a hard place to live without a car, but it can be done if you pick a good spot - eg Glenelg, somewhere around the city (North Adelaide, Prospect, Unley etc) or somewhere on a train but obviously only works if your commute to work is do-able on public transport. However my partner and I just went 20 months until recently with no car in an effort to pay off some debt and save money and it is definitely do-able (though very very nice to have a car again now!) Just some food for thought that you may not need a car immediately.

      I think $50k sounds like loads... that's about median wage in Adelaide for one person so you should be fine I'm sure. And, I'm sure someone will jump on me for sounding financially irresponsible, but that's what credit cards are for if you need to use them in the odd tight spot...
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