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      Cool Utillity Bills ?

      Hello Folks, Just writing to ask how the household bills differ to those in the UK. Over here we pay Community Charge, Gas, Electric, Water, etc. In Oz do you pay Community Charges and if so whats the average yearly bill? I have been reading some of the posted threads and understand that there is no TV licence to pay. What do you pay in Oz that we dont pay in the UK? Regards... Mitchkeza.

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      We pay rate, which is what community charge used to be in the UK before the days of poll tax. Mine is $999 a yr,(difers around Adelaide)
      My lst 1/4 electric was $467, that was with running a pool and the air con on, usually it $250 a 1/4, but it has gone up too. Gas for the last 1/4 was $167, that was before the heating went on.
      Water was expensive as we filled a pool and planted lots of garden so we watered a lot on the days we were allowed around $280 for 1/2 a year, compared to $150 previously.
      There is no tv licence, but there is foxtel(sky) priced about the same as UK. We pay rego for cars, which foe my car works out about the same as UK.
      Hope that helps

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      Hey, thanks for the speedy reply! Will take all that info on board. Hoping to arrive in adelaide in 12 months time!!!


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